Curtain Bank Measurement Form  


Please complete this form, including the curtain measurement section and contact Community Energy Action for an appointment on 0800 GET WARM (0800 438 9276).


Alternatively you can download and print a measurement form here.


Please note the Curtain Bank operates on an appointment only basis.

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Please measure your windows exactly as show.  Do NOT add extra as this will limit your choices at the Curtain Bank, we will add on the extra lenght and gathers.


Track Width :  Measure your track.  If there is no track measure to the outside edges of the frame.



Drop Length : Measure from the top of the track to the bottom of the frame.  We will allow extra length for warmth.


Are you measuring to an existing track? *
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Name of room | window
Name of room | window
Name of room | window
Please let us know any colour, style or pattern preferences and anything else that may help us choose curtains for you. E.g. If you are asking for curtains for children's bedrooms, please note their ages and sex. Please note that although we have enough curtains for everybody the amount of curtains we have in so-called 'natural' colours (grey, beige, white, etc) is limited so if you give us a colour option as well we may be able to help you faster.
For rooms with multiple windows: Are you happy to have different (but similar) curtains for each window? Please be aware that there may be a delay or we may not be able to help you if you want matching curtains. Please elaborate in the comment box below. * *
Additional comments on rooms with multiple windows:
Homeowners only: Has the house been insulated or has insulation been topped up since 2011? *
Free Insulation is available to homeowners (owner-occupiers only) with a Community Services Card and to homeowners living at a qualifying address. Would you like us to contact you about the free insulation or (if you do not qualify) for a quote for insulation? *
Insulation Comments: *

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