Who are we?


Community Energy Action (CEA) is a charitable trust that is committed to ensuring people and their homes keep warm, dry and healthy. As a landlord, we understand that you want to ensure your property is protected for the future. We also understand that it’s important to you to keep tenants health top notch through dry, warm homes. And tenants will also appreciate cheaper power bills.


Having worked in the community for over 24 years, we have helped over 23,000 homes and we are continually looking for ways to ensure your home is as energy efficient as it can be.


As a charitable trust, any surplus made goes back into the trust. This help those less fortunate in our community keep warm, dry, healthy, and energy efficient in their homes. We provide trusted, objective and fair advice. Our aim is to ensure a quality service for you and your home’s health.



How we can help


Our services are available throughout Canterbury (from Ashburton to Kaikoura) and the West Coast. These services include:



Visit our Services page for more information about how CEA can help you.


Residential tenancy laws introduced in 2016 require all rental properties to be insulated, where physically possible, by 2019. Check out the latest version of the Residential Tenancy Act.


If you’re a tenant, or a landlord that has a tenant who holds a community services card, there are subsidies available for insulating your house.


Please see our Current Subsidies page for more information. CEA may also be able to provide flexible, interest free payment plans for some households, to help manage the remaining costs.

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