About CSC Cards


Community Services Cards are issued by Work and Income (WINZ), and can help you with the affordability of health care. Whether you rent or own the home you live in, if you hold a CSC, you qualify for a Government subsidy toward your insulation.


Super Gold Cards with a CSC endorsement also qualify (check for the CSC on the back of your card).


Information from Work and Income:


Source: Work and Income


If you do not qualify for a CSC, but your combined household income is less than $20,000 over the cap for qualifying, and someone in your house has a health condition, you can still take advantage of the subsidy. You will just need to show us a rejection letter from WINZ, stating that your income is less than $20,000 over threshold.


If you do qualify for a CSC, we recommend you apply for one straight away. It can take a number of weeks to process your application and receive the letter or card.


For more information, and to apply for a CSC, click here.

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