CEA Curtain Bank

The CEA Curtain Bank takes donated curtains and adjusts and lines them to fit your window measurements. Curtains are provided at no charge to all those who cannot afford new ones.


Good quality, lined curtains that fit your windows well are an essential part of a warm, energy efficient home. It can be a struggle to find affordable curtains of a good quality.  If your curtains are thin, single layered, torn, or poorly fitting, and you cannot afford new ones, contact us today.


Curtains we can offer

Please be aware that all our curtains are donated and our supply of curtains is limited to what we are offered. We have over a thousand beautiful, good quality  curtain sets but what you have in mind may not be quite there and we encourage you to have an open mind. 


If you would like to have matching curtains for rooms with multiple windows (especially if they are relatively wide windows), please be aware that we may not be able to help as the donation of these kind of curtains is limited. However, our staff can find curtains which may be different but fit well together or are near identical/very similar. If you have rooms with multiple windows please indicate on your measurement form per window whether you are happy to have different curtains or rather not have any curtains for that room if we cannot find the same curtains for all the windows in that room. we appreciate your understanding.



Curtain Bank is a free service. However, our Curtain Bank is not fully funded and relies of further donations to keep going for future clients. We would like to encourage all those using the Curtain Bank to give to your ability. If you are experiencing serious financial hardship, we do not want any donation and will be honoured to be able to help you. Donations can be made in cash to our donation box at the Curtain Bank or through our Givealittle page. We are grateful for all donations big and small.


We can also provide curtains for landlords for their rental properties. We would like to encourage landlords to donate $15 per curtain set.



Mobile Curtain Bank


CEA Curtain Bank offers a mobile service to enable us to reach those within the community who cannot travel into the Curtain Bank itself. If you are elderly, have a medical condition, or cannot access transport easily, please contact us about this service.


How to apply for curtains:

Although we are in Alert Level 1, the Curtain Bank has a substantial backlog to clear due to the lockdown. To help as many customers as we can to get curtains, we will choose curtains for customers based on measurements and preferences. Please be patient, it may be some time before we can get to you.  We have over a thousand curtain sets on our shelves so there are enough curtains for all households who need them. To apply: 

  1. Fill in the online measurement form, or download and print it here 
  2. Make sure that under 'comments' at the bottom of the form you list colours, patterns, etc you would prefer.
  3. Send/email/post the form to us.
  4. We will choose curtains for you based on the measurements and your preferences.
  5. We will contact you when they are ready for pick-up from our reception during opening hours. 

Donation bin locations


We appreciate your donations of curtains. At the moment we are overstocked with some types of curtains and due to a lack of storage space, we can only take curtains which:

  • Are longer than 1.80m
  • Are absolutely free of mould
  • Are not faded

Check the map for your nearest donation bin, or see the full list below.






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