Insulation is an important part to creating a healthy home, but there are many other aspects that contribute to whole home health. Check out the other services we provide below.




Having an efficient source of home heating, and using it correctly, is essential to keeping you and your family warm during the cold South Island winters. Our trained assessors are experts on a wide range of heating appliances, and can help you utilise your heater most effectively, or provide advice when looking at new sources of heating.


For tips on how you can save on your power bill and other tips check out our advice page.






Ventilating your home correctly and regularly is another crucial factor in maintaining a healthy home. A poorly ventilated home can cause mould, condensation and dampness which in turn can cause or exacerbate health conditions.


For personalised advice about ventilation issues specific to your home please contact us or check out our Home Energy Checks page.


For tips on how to ventilate, remove mould and condensation effectively and cheaply, check out our advice page.




An often overlooked aspect of any home is lighting and the associated cost, which can have a significant effect on the energy efficiency and comfort of it, as well as the impact on your power bills...


The problem of older style downlights and lights that are recessed into the ceiling is that 95% of the power they use is converted to heat, not light. Theses styles of lighting require 100mm of clearance between the light fitting and any insulation, which leaves large gaps in the ceiling insulation, rather like “Swiss cheese”


We recommend installing I-C Rated LED downlights. These lights do not emit a lot of heat, and insulation can be placed directly over them, increasing the energy efficiency of your home, and effectiveness of your insulation.             


For more information on how you can save on your power bill see our advice page. 

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